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It's no wonder architects and builders choose Turncraft real wood Architectural Columns. These artfully crafted columns are available in the classic proportions of the Greek Doric, Tuscan, Roman Doric, Ionic and Corinthian Orders—exactly what you need to make an impressive statement.

Turncraft Architectural Columns

Greek Doric | Tuscan | Roman Doric | Ionic | Corinthian

Turncraft Arcthitectural columsn are manufactured to closely follow the recommendations of the "American Vignola, The Five Orders" by William R. Ware. Other reference materials used in developing our product lines include "The Classical Orders of Architecture" by Robert Chitham and "The Four Boosk of Architecture" by Andrea Palladio. The illusrtation below shows the difference in proportional heights between the orders based on Vignola's recommendations.

Turncraft Architectural Columns

Renowned for their fine workmanship and superior assembly, they'll stand the test of time. From contemporary simplicity to ancient elegance, match these columns with ornamental capitals and bases to create a classic look that's all your own.

Capitals and Bases PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat file (2 MB)

Greek Doric and Tuscan Specifications PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat file (499 KB)

Roman Doric and Ionic Specifications PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat file (1.4 MB)

Corinthian Specifications PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat file (2.1 MB)

Turncraft Architectural Column Installation PDF PDF Adobe Acrobat file (5.3 MB)

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